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More background and information on the Powell family of Onllwyn, descended from Mary Jones and John Powell.


A rare photograph of the workings at Onllwyn No. 3 (Banwen) colliery has been added.


Some detail on the prefabricated dwellings known as “Tin Town” at Banwen.


Some additional information on Daniel Jones 1833-1867 (presumed) of Glynneath, brother of William Jones (1820-79), the main focus of this study.

Further information on John Jones (1823-), another brother.

A booklet containing much of the information on this website was produced in 2016.  About 50 copies were distributed to family members, who were asked to make a donation, in lieu of payment, to this charity.  Approximately £300 was raised and further donations may be sent to the address above.  Thank you to all who have given to this important charity, supporting those in what, for many, is a forgotten industry.  There are a few booklets left; if you would like one, please contact me.  


A rare nineteenth century picture of young miners has been added here.  Thanks to J Alexander.


A very early photograph believed to be of Gwenllian Jones (Davies) has been added.

More material, including another early photograph, has been added on the Ann Jones & David Jeffreys family, Camnant.

These updates have been done on the basis of a paper kindly provided by Jeff Alexander, of the Camnant Jeffreys family.

Further information on David Alexander and Mary Ann Jeffreys

Richard Morgan 1828-1903

Richard Morgan’s obituary has been added and roughly translated.


Some photographs have been added of the farm abattoir at the Jeffreys farm at Penygraig, Coelbren.


Photo of Banwen iron works from Hughes (1989)

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