Richard & Ann Jones, 19th Century

The 1851 census shows Richard and Ann Jones with four of their children at “Waunmarchog”.  By this time, their (presumed) eldest child William has married and is living at nearby Ynysdomlydd.

1.  William Jones (c.1820-79), whose family is of direct interest to this study, is considered here.


2.  John Jones (1823-), a shoemaker aged 28 in 1851, is recorded as unmarried, with parents Richard and Anne at Maesmarchog.   John is noted on this and future censuses as Deaf and Dumb.  Ten years later he is recorded at the Onllwyn Arms, still as a Boot and Shoemaker.  By 1871, he is lodging with a Watkins family at Glynneath.  Up until his point, he is recorded as unmarried.  Unfortunately no further obvious record can be found for him, suggesting he may have died sometime after 1871, and possibly before 1881.


3.  Margaret Jones (c.1833-).  In 1861, Margaret is shown aged 28 and unmarried at home with her parents at Maesmarchog.   In 1865, she married Robert Eveleigh, a miner originally of Woodbury, Devon.  They had five children, between 1867 and 1874.  One of them, Gomer Eveleigh, appears to have been a manager and/or accountant on the Aberpergym Estate.  The family lived at Cwmgwrach, a village very close to Glynneath.


4.  Jacob Jones (c.1834-), collier (Haulier) in 1851 married Anne Jones (c.1834-) at Neath in 1858.  The couple lived for most of their lives in the Glynneath area.  Jacob was recorded as a collier (hewer) in all further censuses.  Both lived until at least 1911, when they are both recorded aged 76. at 5 Oddfellows Row, Glynneath.  On this same census they record that they have had no children, although in 1901, William Daniel Powell, born in 1893, is recorded with them as an “adopted son”.  He is also shown with them as a “nephew”, aged 18, in 1911.  Jacob’s death is recorded in the first quarter of 1917; he was 82.


5.  Elizabeth Jones (c.1837-) In 1841, she is shown aged 4 with her parents at Tir Bach.  She is not resident there in 1851 or 1861.   No further failsafe record can be found for her at present, although she might be the 14 year old girl recorded on the 1851 census as a “Nurse” at nearby Aberpergwm House, headed by “Landed Proprietor” William Williams, whose 5 month old son, George, Elizabeth may have been engaged to look after.


6.  Daniel Jones (c.1838-), collier (Haulier) in 1861, aged 23, at home with parents Richard and Anne.   No further definitive information has yet been found for him.  By 1871, his father has died and his mother has moved in with her daughter Margaret (Eveleigh) and her family at Glynneath.

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