Children of Joan Jones

and David Jones

1. Gwenllian Jones (1886-1918) married Evan John Harrison, Onllwyn

Children:           David Harrison

Gwenllian is said to have died giving birth and a death record exists for a Gwenllian Harrison of the right age, in Neath registration district, for December 1918.


2. William Jones (1887-)


3. Eleanor Jones (1890-) married Evan John Harrison (2nd. Marriage), Onllwyn

Eleanor, known generally as Ellen, was the subject of this interesting article in the “Weekly Mail” of October 1910.

A marriage reference for Ellen Jones and Evan Harrison exists for Neath for 1920.

Children:           no children

4. David (“Dai Banwen”) Jones (1890-) married Mary Helen ?


Helen Jones

Phyllis Jones

Richard Jones

Gwen Jones

5. John Jones (1893-)


6. Joanna Jones (1893-) married John Jenkins


David John (“Jackie”) Jenkins

Ann Jenkins

Jennet Jenkins

Joan Jenkins


7. Mary Jane Jones (1896-) did not marry.


8. Rosina Jones (1898-) married John Richards


Arlais Richards (1933-2013)

Gwyn Richards

Mari Richards (twin)

Joan Richards (twin)

Llinos Richards


9. Owen John Jones (1900-)

Owen appears to have been named after his uncle, Owen Jones, brother to his father David Jones, and remained a bachelor.

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