Children of Mary Jones

and John Powell

1. William Powell (1880-) married Lizzie Williams (1880-)

 Children:              Annie May Powell (1906-1992)

                             David Powell (1909-1998)

                             John Powell (1911-)

                             Gwen Powell (1914-2015)

2. Howell Powell (1883-) was a colliery engine driver and recorded as a “Pumpsman” in 1911 at 45 Roman Road, Banwen, with his widowed mother, Mary.

3. Eleanor Powell (1885-) is recorded in 1911 as being involved in “household duties”, with her mother at 45, Roman Road.

4. Gwenllian Powell (1886-) may have married by 1911, or might be away working in service.

5. Sarah Powell (1887-) is recorded as a dressmaker in 1911, with her mother at 45, Roman Road.

640px-Coelbren Junction station

A Neath to Brecon train pauses at the remote Coelbren junction in 1962 before attempting the big push up through Penwyllt and then across the vast expanse of the Cray moor to Sennybridge.   

"Coelbren Junction station" by Flying Stag - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons 

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